We gather together in the name of Jesus every Sunday morning from 10:00-11:15 am in the Worship center. The worship time consists of prayer, singing praises, fellowship, communion and teaching. 

Every Sunday we as a body of believers celebrate communion, everyone is welcome.

C.O.O.L Kids (Christ Our Only Lord )gives children the opportunity to sing songs, hear a Bible lesson and do activities during Church. Children ages 3 years to 3rd grade are dismissed after Communion to participate in C.O.O.L Kids. Parents will be able to pick their children up downstairs in the Bible Hour room after morning service. 

Nursery is offered to parents with children under the age of three years throughout the morning worship. 

We offer a Sunday evening devotional is avalible at 5:00pm 

Learn about Life Groups: http://university-church-of-christ.e-zekielcms.com/i-m-new/worship/life-groups

If you have questions or want to know more about the worship service or Life Groups please contact us: 270-753-1881